Rana Banankhah


Hi, I'm Rana 👋

I’m an undergrad at Stanford studying Product Design and Strategic Management. I also invest in students at General Catalyst.

I'm passionate about:

In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, running, reading, writing, and tinkering.


I dove deep into Education Policy, focusing on finding solutions for structural flaws within the education system and rebounding from the pandemic. After being appointed by Governor Newsom and being senate-confirmed, I served on the State Board of Education as a voting member representing California’s 6 million students.

Concurrently, I served as the Student Board Member of my school district, representing 30,000 students. I also co-hosted a few webinars alongside leaders like Secretary Cardona and Dolores Huerta and helped write and advocate for bills as the National Legislative Advisor of GenerationUp.

I explored my love of writing by contributing to the local paper, founding a literary magazine club, and serving as Vice President of the San Joaquin Valley Writers club.

Contact Me:

Twitter: @ranabanankhah
Email: ranab@stanford.edu
Investments: rbanankhah@gc-fellows.com

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